My First Step

Friday, December 22, 2006

Today I have decided to step into the world of blogging. There is a certain fear in me, the fear of exposing myself to the unknown. And there is also the problems I have with technology, there is always a conflict between me and the computers. Till today my subconscious mind still tells me that those machines hate me and they are all out to give me a hard time. I still love my pen and paper, call me old fashion but my pen and paper gives me the security that I am in control over them at all times!

Today marks a tiny milestone for me - my dominance over the machine. Setting up this blog is a feat on its own and to make victory even sweeter, I did it all by myself. Sometimes I amaze myself. Still gloating. I'm quite proud of this accomplishment, one up against the machine. To celebrate my victorious moment, my husband James has promised to design my blog "nice nice". I also have to use a bit of my feminine charms (ahem) to push him to do it quickly.

There won't be any photos until I learn how to stick them up here, I am sure there is a better computer term for it......ok, upload right? Another faster way is to use my feminine viles, no, I mean charms to get the husband to do my dirty biddings.. muahahaha.

This will be a journey of learning and discovery for me, well at least to discover what this machine can do for me, then maybe one day, just one day, the machine and I can be friends.

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