Happy Teacher's Day

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Today is teacher's day. I am truly grateful to teacher Lavender and teacher Tze Nie, both of whom are Jesse's teachers. They have done such a great job on teaching, training, encouraging, loving and playing with Jesse.

My mom in particular is amazed by how Jesse has grown emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Before he went to kindi, Jesse never called my mother at all. He wouldn't even let her hold him. These days he says hi and bye to grandma without being forced to do it. He is also very generous with his flying kisses. These days, he sings. He is more polite, no problems with "please" and "thank you". And surprisingly this kid has a great sense of humour. He thoroughly loves the recording on RK House (no pork). It is like his daily fix. He'll say "Mommy I want no pork please" or "Mommy, RK House please".

Unfortunately Jesse had been ill for the past few days and missed the teacher's day celebration today. James and I would love to give something nice to the two fantastic teachers. We were thinking of getting them a gift voucher to a spa, it would be great if we could pamper them by giving them a facial and full body massage.

Does anyone know of a great spa in PJ where the teachers could rest, relax and be rejuvenated?

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Hair Dropping Problems and Thomas & Guys

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Digital Perms are the in thing now. The last time I had a perm was 9 years ago. For the past few months I've been toying with the idea of having a perm. The salons at my housing area had been actively advertising their packages - a perm (digital or rebonding), cut, colour and treatment, all for less than RM300 regardless of hair length.

I've been doing my own research on which perm suits my face best. Initially I was going to go for large ceramic curls, and in preparation I kept my hair really long. After much thinking I decided against it as it may add at least 5 years to my looks and it would take too much of my time to maintain those curls. I then opted for rebonding but not the ones that leave the hair looking flat, apparently some stylists are able to make the hair look naturally straight!

I was about to make an appointment with my stylist to rebond my hair when I realised something terribly wrong with my hair the night before. My hair was dropping. I was losing hair. When I combed through my hair with my fingers, my heart almost stopped beating when I saw the large quantity of hair that remained on my fingers. I have never seen so much hair shed, it was as though my husband conspired with my new, young and youthful maid to finish me off with arsenic.

The next day I made an appointment with Peek-a-boo to have a hair cut. I decided to chop off at least 4 inches and to lay off any plans that involve chemicals on the head. Get a recommendation for a good shampoo that prevents hair loss and get whatever treatment necessary.

I left work early to save myself from balding. But the Friday jam just wouldn't allow me to get to my planned destination, so I detoured to Thomas & Guys in SS2. I walked into an empty salon with no one attending to me. 4 out of 5 people in that salon were busy being entertained by the computer for reasons only God knows. I was led to Joe a very Ah Beng looking stylist. I was starting to worry. I felt like running out of that place as it was so bare and empty with no decent looking stylists around. But I was desperate, so I regained my composure and told Joe exactly what I wanted. I wanted 4 inches off and I wanted the ends to be layered as I wanted my hair to have some body.

He summoned the shampoo boy and it was the worst shampooing that I ever had. I had shampoo splashed across my face and there wasn't any umph in his washing or massaging. Hated it. If he were a student there, I would have failed him immediately.

All in all Joe did a good job despite him looking like a DVD peddler (the kind that kept only the nails on the pinky long). I told him about my hair dropping problem and apparently my hair didn't drop at all when he was cutting or blowing it. Sigh. Just like taking a pregnancy test only to have your menstruation come the next day. Anyway he recommended Schwarzkopf's Bonacure Hairtherapy Deep Cleansing Expert and Smooth Control Conditioner specially for scalp treatment. Both the items costs RM45 each but there was an offer and I got the 2 items for only RM68.

I tried the scalp treatment set yesterday. I did notice that my hair dropped just a little and the smell was awesome, a very refreshing smell. But more importantly, no more hair dropping problems and I am pleased with my cut.

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"Slutty" looking girls and men

Sunday, May 6, 2007

My husband loves "slutty" looking girls.

I caught him ogling at a young girl wearing a spaghetti strapped blouse revealing her cleavage, though there was nothing much to reveal. She was a skinny girl. My husband said she looked "slutty" and was hot.

"You used to look hot and slutty, not anymore" he said. Apparently these days I dressed more conservative, more like a mother. And that is a turn off. And the sweaters that I wear over my low cut spaghetti strapped tops, those sweaters, according to my husband drove a wedge to our marriage.

Frankly speaking, these days I feel rather conscious about my body, especially baring my midriff and cleavage (not that I have much to show). When men ogle at me, I no longer feel flattered, instead I feel rather uncomfortable. I am a mother now and it is my obligation to look respectable and to cover up my body.

But the husband is complaining and threatens to stray. Looks like it is time for a makeover. I told James that it will cost him for my makeover. Sexy clothes and a new sexy hair style don't come cheap and it looks like James is more than willing to be a major investor afterall he has a huge beneficial interest to the claim. To him, anything to save and spice up the marriage, is money well spent.

Will be on a shopping spree soon. Why do I give in to him....well it is better that he lusts for me than for another woman, as simple as that.

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Millionaires everywhere

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I have gone back to work after taking a year off. It is really good to be back at work.

Many, many years ago when I was active in the conveyancing department, it was the norm that properties were sold within the region of 200-400k. Anything above that, the purchaser would be deemed a rich person.

That was many years ago. Now I am back doing conveyancing after four long years of doing something completely unrelated to it. Property prices have gone up and the purchasing power of buyers too have gone up. Just the other day, an old classmate of mine purchased a property at 1 million without even batting an eye. Every week there will be quotations for the sale and purchase of properties worth a million and above. At times it would be 2 million and above. Today, it's 9.6 million! Where the h*&% do they get that kind of money?

Luxury condos in the heart of KL which costs millions sell like hot cakes. Yet for the last 3 years, there have been no takers for our 180k condo in Bandar Manjalara. I was told by the bankers that it is much easier to sell a 2 million luxury condo situated in KLCC than a 180K condo in Bandar Manjalara, sigh.

I think I have been out of the real world for far too long. I just have to come to terms that people are more affluent these days and what is 400K? I am still recovering from the shock that a potential buyer will pay 9.6 million for a piece of property and some lucky person is about to get his hands on 9.6 million real soon.

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Short Legs, Long Body?

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I noticed on several occasions, upon tight scrutiny, that when I have my jeans on, I looked somehow challenged vertically. Something doesn't seem right but I can't point my finger as to what it was exactly. Whenever I wear heels, I look fine, but not with flatties.

I was at an image management seminar last year. It was really interesting as we did a comprehensive profiling on our body shape and the type of clothes that fit our body type and shape. It was so comprehensive that it spells out in detail what looks great, ok and bad for a particular body, from the sleeves, to the hemline, to the cut of jacket, pants and even the swimwear and thongs! We took measurements from the head to the toes and our measurement data were then sent over to Australia to be processed. Within a few days, my complete profile was out. I was shocked with the findings.

In the past, I was disillusioned to think that I have a well proportioned body. When I look into the mirror, quite often I am satisfied with what I see, a nice, slender body with an acceptable height.

Anyway, my profile read as follows:-

body shape : triangle (that means pear shaped body with larger hips than bust)
body type: long body, short legs

That explains why I looked short wearing certain pants or jeans. The solution to my problem, always wear heels. If my legs are 3 inches shorter than what it should be, then I have to compensate by wearing 3 inch heels to bring my body back to proportion. I also learnt that everything can be camouflaged and every flaw can be hidden or corrected (to a certain degree) with the right clothing.

As for my short legs, I thank God for stilettos.

Bra Fitting Techniques

Monday, April 9, 2007

Whenever we go back to Taiping to visit my mother-in-law, we always end up shopping at Fajar. It is a must for both James and I. Some how things over there seems cheaper, small town, small prices.... Of course we were just making excuses to shop.

I always get my bras in Taiping, it feels cheaper buying them there. This year I got some from Triumph. Now that I am more informed on the techniques of bra fitting, it made bra shopping so much easier and satisfying. At least I knew what I wanted and was not confused by the amount of bras the sales girl forced upon me. The sales girl recommended everything that was expensive. I know my cut, and I knew exactly what I wanted, so I called the shots.

When I was in the fitting room, I saw something interesting....bra fitting techniques pasted on the wall. It is always good to have your camera around. I was in the fitting room for quite a while as I was busy taking as many photos as I could but my eager husband could not wait. He kept banging on the door of the tiniest changing room. The whole make shift room was shaking and I kept hearing his thundering voice "Are you done, how is it?". Apparently he was more excited than I was.

Here are some tips just in case you have not already seen it in the fitting rooms

Rule 3: Lean forward slightly,adjust the shoulder straps to a comfortable position (straps should not "cut" into the flesh)

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Where to get cute pyjamas for kids

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Dressing Jesse can be quite a task. He wants a say in what goes on his body. There are days where the boy wants to wear black shirt. Then there will be days where he wants yellow. At times he even decides on his own what pants to put on.

If Jesse could have his way....

No matter how fussy this boy can be at times, he never refuses the pyjamas we got him from the flee market at the Curve. They are the cutest that I have ever seen. It is not that I'm the expert on kids' pyjamas but I really love the colours and the prints of the pyjamas we got. It started with Uncle Jeff, he gave a pair to Jesse for his second birthday. We loved it and the boy loved it, we got him another 2 pairs. The next pair would be the ultraman print....

Piggy or bear prints

Animal prints

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